MC-59HS Exhaust Pipe/Tubing Bender (Premium Style)

The Industry Leader in Exhaust Service.
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Ben Pearson
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We've taken bender technology one step further with the MC-59 HI-SPEED. No matter what your exhaust volume, the Pearson HI-SPEED bender was designed and built for you. With over twice the bending speed of conventional benders, the Pearson HI-SPEED utilizes a rugged 7-1/2 HP motor combined with a heavy-duty electrical and hydraulic system. This bender was designed for heavy work... and it performs.
The MC-59 HI-SPEED, it delivers more B.P.H. (bends per hour) than anything on the market today.

  • Bend Depth to 180 degrees on a 5" radius.
  • Unique die design eliminates possibility of radius die locking behind back shoes.
  • Bending capability through 3".
  • Hydraulic oil cooler.
  • Quick-change dies.
  • Color-coded dies.
  • Spring-loaded die carriage.
  • Knee control of ram die.
  • Two end-of-pipe systems.
  • Energy efficient dual stage hydraulic pump.
  • Automatic depth-of-bend
  • Automatic retraction of ram die.
  • Automatic motor cut-off.
  • 220 volt single phase, 60 cycle. (Three phase, 50 cycle and other voltages available.)
  • Auxiliary on-off switch for end-of-pipe operations.
  • Heavy-duty 7-1/2 HP motor.
  • Extra capacity hydraulic reservoir.