BP-79 Exaust Pipe Tubing Bender

If you're looking for a powerful bender that's got the features you need to get the job done, take a long look at the BP-79 from Ben Pearson. It'll give you all the power you need at an affordable price.
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Ben Pearson
Call For Price

Power and afforablility rolled into a hard working bender

  • Main cylinder mount is solid welded internally, plus welded end plate for added support.
  • Bend depth to 180 degrees on a 5 inch radius.
  • Quick disconnect tooling
  • Unique design eliminates possibility of radius die locking behind back shoes.
  • Hands-free bending utilizes padded knee lever control for fast accurate bends.
  • 3 inch bending capacity.
  • Quick-change dies.
  • Color-coded dies.
  • 220 volt single phase, 60 cycle. (optional 3 phase), 60 cycle.
  • Rugged, energy efficient, Baldor 4 HP motor.