Crushmaster 1

Recycle Used Oil And Filters Quickly, Safely And Easly With the Crushmaster Oil Filter Crusher From Ben Pearson.
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Ben Pearson
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Ben Pearson has put its 50 years of automotive experience into the design and development of the CrushMaster oil filter crushing system.
The CrushMaster 1 oil filter crusher operates on normal shop air, delivers 13,572 lbs. of crushing force at 120 PSI, accommodates all standard oil filters and was designed for high-volume use.
Solid steel plate construction and built-in safety features assure years of safe, maintenance free operation.
If you're looking for an oil filter crusher that will hold up over years of heavy-duty work, check out the CrushMaster 1 oil filter crusher from Ben Pearson. It's built tough. It's built to last.


  • 100% air operated for speed and low maintenance.
  • Able to crush up to four automotive spin-on filters at one time.
  • Crushing chamber door is prevented from opening if the ram is in any position other than fully raised.
  • Clean and efficient design can be connected to a variety of waste oil containers.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Height: 27 "
Width: 13 ¾ "
Depth: 18 "
Weight: 255 lbs.
Crushing Chamber Height: 9 "
Crushing Chamber Width: 8 "
Crushing Chamber Depth: 8 "
Air inlet: ¼" NPT Female
Air Pressure Required: 100 - 180 PSI
Catch Basin Connection: ¾" NPT Female
Height On Tube Stand: 68 "
Height On Deluxe Stand: 71 "
Floor Space For Tube Stand: 29" W x 22-5/8" D
Floor Space For Deluxe Stand: 30" W x 26" D
Cycle Time: 11-20 Seconds